I would like to express my appreciation for the invaluable assistance provided by your firm in evaluation of ophthalmology practices for my potential association and acquisition. I found your approach to be comprehensive, yet highly organized, and I am sure that your extensive experience in practice evaluation made the entire process much simpler for me. Your staff was always very courteous and helpful. Overall, working with you and your organization was a pleasant and very beneficial experience, and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to other professionals.

Marcus R Schatte, M.D.

I want to express my great appreciation to your firm for its services rendered to me in the recent sale of my medical practice prior to my retirement.

From initial appraisal of the practice to the final closing of the transaction, RH Medical Group, Inc. performed in stellar fashion in dealing with the many pitfalls and problems such a transaction involves in a very professional, efficient and knowledgeable way. Your
years of experience in medical practice brokerage assisted me greatly in avoiding costly mistakes and promoted a smooth transition.

Your entire staff was always courteous and efficient. Especially noteworthy, however, was the sustained effort of Mr. Ron Petersen, Senior Associate in your firm. He was unfailingly patient, courteous, knowledgeable and efficient in negotiating and advising in all of the legal and accounting procedures incident to this transaction. His constant availability was greatly appreciated.

You helped me to secure a very well qualified young physician to replace me in my practice and in this present period of transition, he is proving to be an excellent successor. His patient volume continues at my previous level and now two months into the practice projections would indicate that he will surpass my volume and my billings.

In short, I have nothing but praise for the services of your company and its staff to me in this transaction.

Lawrence W. Johnson, M.D., P.A.

Recently I employed your firm for an appraisal of my practice with the intent to market and sell it. Events transpired so rapidly that marketing was never used.

The appraisal was of definite value in establishing fair market value. The staff of your firm were uniformly pleasant, interested, and well informed.

I have no regrets in utilizing your services. The reliable, confidential, professional, and rapid service was impressive. I would recommend your firm without hesitation. Thank you for all of your help during a difficult time.

Kevin F Murray M.D.

Thank you for doing an outstanding job in the sale of my medical practice in Wilmington, Delaware.

You worked out a sound evaluation of my practice, found a fine young doctor to whom I can entrust my patients and through skillful negotiations achieved a contract of sale satisfactory to myself as well as the young doctor.

I particularly appreciated your unfailing return of my many phone calls as new complications developed, and was always comforted by our conversations as you allayed one difficulty after another.

The deal was capped for me and my family with the great pleasure of meeting you in person. We feel we have gained a new friend.

J.M. Spruenken, M.D.

I am very appreciative of your excellent appraisal of my financial interest in a free standing emergency center. With the professional expertise provided by you, I was able to prove my value in court and achieve a very desirable cash settlement. I was fortunate in that the other parties declined to have expert advice and this gave us an advantage in this situation.

I would also like to compliment you on the professionalism of your staff and the willingness to quote a firm price on the appraisal. I am also aware that you had helpful suggestions and answered questions that were unrelated to the appraisal and did this from your good will.

I would also like to point out to any others who would use your services that your persuasive but friendly personality and willingness to use the available facts to obtain an objective answer are qualities that one should use when contracting for an appraisal. Again, I would like to emphasize my appreciation for the high skills which you provided me in obtaining a win situation in my legal matter with my former medical partners.

James C. Milam, M.D.

I located a radiology practice for sale in Arizona via an advertisement. I contacted George Poole and Richard Holdren at RH Medical Group. Inc. to appraise the practice. RH Medical Group was able t o appraise the practice for a reasonable fee. The practice evaluation was quite thorough and was presented in a professionally prepared booklet format. The appraisal was quite useful in arranging for financing of the practice. My banker was favorably impressed.

Mr. Holdren and his staff went far beyond my expectations in assisting me in my practice purchase. Although I had only asked for a practice appraisal, Mr. Holdren offered to assist me in the purchase negotiations. At several crucial points he offered valuable suggestions for negotiating a deal. Mr. Holdren’s experience i n negotiating was very apparent. In addition, RH Medical Group was able t o recommend an excellent lawyer to assist me.

I feel that Mr. Holdren. Mr. Poole. and the staff at RH Medical Group have provided
me an excellent service. I wholeheartedly recommend them for physicians considering the purchase or sale of a medical practice.

J. Michael Holbert, M.D.

I just wanted to tell you how much I really appreciate your management of my practice sale in Huntsville.

I am sure that most people do not realize how much time and effort is involved in selling a practice and making sure that all requirements are satisfied. Your management and handling of the many facets and problems during the conversion made my move very easy and I will always appreciate it. Marilyn and I are settling into Allentown and enjoy the practice in the area very much.

Please give my best regards to every one at the office, especially Rick Holdren and drop in to see us if you are ever in the Allentown area.

Glen L. Oliver, M.D.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Richard C. Holdren as an expert ophthalmological business evaluator. I am sure that he also evaluates other businesses and would do an equally
superb job. However, the expertise for which I used him was the evaluation of an ophthalmological doctor’s practice for which he was immense help and, I believe, instrumental in the ultimate settlement of the case.

He was a pleasure to work with and if I ever have need for his services in the future, I will not hesitate to re-employ him. I highly recommend him.

Donald J . Sasser

Mr. Richard C. Holdren, President of RH Medical Group, Inc., recently performed some professional evaluation services for me. Mr. Holdren prepared a report analyzing the earnings and value of the surgical practice of me and my associates.

Mr. Holdren utilized his many years of experience in financial management of medical professional practices and prepared a comprehensive, logical and well-documented report.

Denton A. Cooley, M.D.

Thank you again for helping coordinate the purchase of my new ophthalmology practice in Florida. As I mentioned to you previously, the one time the doctor and I tried to negotiate ourselves, we were unable to keep our emotions uninvolved and I do not feel we would have been able to successfully conclude our negotiations without the help of a third party to keep us in line. Thank you also for the practice development publication. I shall read through it thoroughly and I have no doubt it will stimulate some ideas.

Feel free to give my name as a reference. I’d be happy to talk with anybody you may be currently working with.

Dan Montgomery, M.D.

I wanted to express my appreciation for the superb and very professional manner in which you and your associates handled the purchase and sale negotiation for my recent purchase of Doctor Cooperman’s practice. Since I had known you for approximately five years before entering into this particular negotiation, it was taken for granted and expected that you would conduct yourself with impeccable integrity, honesty and diligence as regards the negotiation process. In addition, as this particular transaction was complicated by a number of unusual factors, I was additionally impressed at your knowledge of legal issues and tax ramifications that impact the appraisal of and negotiation for the purchase of large practices and specifically large ophthalmology practices. Your advice and counsel during the negotiation process was invaluable; I can
recall at least three specific instances in which your attention to details saved me many thousands of dollars.

I am also impressed by your overall skill in dealing with and handling people. Were you not so successful in your practice brokerage, I am sure that you could generate a very substantial living selling ice to Eskimos or bananas to Costa Ricans. You have a real ability to know how to work with people, no matter how difficult they may appear in a particular setting. You also have a Sixth sense for knowing when to wait, when to be aggressive, and how to generate momentum to close a deal when the deal appears good. Obviously, all of these factors taken in combination make you an individual who is an impressive asset to have when involved in a practice purchase and sale transaction. I would have the greatest confidence in recommending you for either buyer or seller of a medical practice at any time in the future. If anyone who reads this letter would like to call and speak with me personally about my observations I would be happy to be available.

David A. Wallace, M.D.

Thank you so much for your assistance in the divorce case of Friedman versus Friedman. As you know from our phone conversation, we achieved excellent results in that case. I cannot overstate to you how important your contribution was to our efforts. Your accurate and incisive assessment of our practice and its value gave us a clear picture of what was involved in the case and allowed us to present it in an organized manner. Your assistance in conveying these insights with accurate and understandable reports and charting was a tremendous assistance. Again, I thank you so much for your contribution.

David E. Wertheimer, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.C.C.P.